Some interesting stuff in this post, and some weird stuff. Who is assumed to have been idle by “Idle no More”? And who is assumed to need a “parental shove in the lake”? These questions aside, this post ends on a solid note:
“I encourage all non-Indigenous people to:
Know the history and the stories of elders of what has happened on this territory.
Place decolonization at the centre of all progressive/social justice organizing you do.
Read and understand the Indian Act and how this racist piece of legislation is used today.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be humble. Walk softly. Be kind. Be bold.”

Nora Loreto

Today, thousands of Indigenous activists and their allies will march, demonstrate, blog, tweet or starve to get their message to Stephen Harper: enough is enough.

Normally, enough being enough isn’t enough and it hasn’t been for centuries.

Enough is the point at which people united, absolutely refuse to be subjugated. They refuse to be dominated, colonized and re-colonized. Enough looks different than a protest.

In Canada, I don’t think any social movement has reached the breaking point where “enough” truly has been enough.

But Idle No More could be the spark needed for a movement is built to truly say “enough.” Idle No More could be the rally call, the inspiration. The parental shove into the lake that all people who fight to uphold and honour the Treaties need.

Idle No More is a movement that was called after the news circulated that First Nations leaders were denied entry to…

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